Climate Change

Climate change is very similar to global warming. It can cause rising temperatures and climates in a various amount of places. Climate change is mainly caused by the overuse of fossil fuels, which could release carbon dioxide and trap heat greenhouse gases in the atmosphere making the climate warmer.

~How Would it Affect The East Coast?~

It would affect the East Coast because when the climate is getting warmer, that could affect animals habitats'. Such as the polar bears, they live in glacial areas, and climate change could potentialy melt the ice and all the glaciers. Not only to the habitat, but it could also ruin the climate standards that the polar bears are used to.

Climate change could also cause a change in sea level. With all the glaciers melting, climate change could make the sea levels rise and that could put Earth, in future references, in water level dangers.


The Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Gases

~What is the Greenhouse Effect?~

The Greenhouse Effect is a process used through the environment to make the climate warmer. Without the greenhouse effect, Earth would be a very cold planet. The greenhouse gases takes fuels such as carbon dioxide, methane, car emissions, and other gases, and radiates those gases into other places in the world. This process could also be known for re-using the gases to spread heat to our climate and ecosystems.

Now a days, in our world. Many people are using cars and carelessly wasting energy. Carelessly wasting energy and not carpooling could lead to exposing more gases. Those gases could overflow The Greenhouse Effect could lead to another form of Climate Change.