Where Would Climate Change Specifically Affect?


In Florida, there are definite amount climate change records.

Specifically, during climate change, it can affect animal's habitats. A certain animal in Florida would

be the Florida Panther. The Florida Pantherin 1970, decreased its population to only a few dozen. Since

from now, it has been around 46 years, and the Florida Panther population must be decreasing even more.


In Maine, there has been an increase in storms, heat waves, and rising sea levels.

Scientists have traced that the main causes for these effects are because of the greenhouse

effect warming the planet in a greater affect than in past years.

New York:

New York City does not have a large variety of effects from climate change but it does have a

large rise in sea level and precipitation. Over the years from 1958-2015, researchers have found

that precipitation has increased over 70%. For sea level rises, ever since 1900, the sea level

has risen more than two feet. With the sea level rising, that could also cause

a massive impact of flooding across New York.